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combINATION courses

Course Description:  The combination course is offered for intermediate level shooters. If you have a base foundation of essentials of marksmanship, this course offers an overview of essentials combined with either a personal or home addition.


Length: Three hours


Cost: $200.00 per student


Equipment: Shooter's pistol of choice, three magazines or speed loaders, a quality holster (shoulder holsters are not acceptable) and 200 rounds of factory ammunition.   If you want us to supply the ammunition for you, please select the "Add Ammunition" option at checkout to add to your cart if you are paying online.  If you will be paying at the course, the cost is an extra $50 for this option.

Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off (offer only valid for one three hour lesson on same day courses for two people)

Use Coupon Code 2PERSON

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